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Title: Saphalo community welfare project

Summary Of Project and Amount of the Money Requested

Saphalo Community Welfare project is designed to provide basic education for the refugees communities in Eastleigh and enable them to curb the current Appalling socio-economic situation. As such, the proposed project, with following detail
and financial request of as US $289,817.70, will go a long way in fulfilling the intended mission, objectives and goals of our Foundation

The Management

Review of Present Situation.

While the refugee community in Kenya is unpredictable, the Kenyan Government has been generous to allow many of us to live in the community. But without having any assistance both from the government of Kenya and the UNHCR be it in terms of financially or in kind, daily operations are very difficult.
IrRESPECTive of all that Saphalo education foundation SEF is actively involved with education programs especially for children, teens and young adults. We have a literacy program that was designed to assist the community with communication and reading skills that would enable them to easily adapt to their environment.
Another vital aspect of our services is to educate our community with a general knowledge of the importance of education, which we think they lack. Also we would like to assist them with continuing to achieve their primary and secondary education.
Currently we are teaching mainly Oromo community (the single large refugees from Ethiopian in Kenya), Somalia and other residing in Eastleigh, the poorest part of Nairobi.
Many of the people we serve are designated by the UNHCR as urban refugees with mandate letter for residing in Nairobi. However they are without any financial assistance including education services from the UNHCR for many years. Parents from our community could not afford to send them to private or public schools because of economic and security reasons.
In a nutshell, we have taught more than 1000 adults, children and other community members since February 2001. We were able to bring the community together and enable them to discus issues concerning educational matters etc.

Present operating facilities

A. Five computers and one hp640 printer
B. Two classrooms
C. Library with 1500 books from DECO international
D. Two office rooms

Present sources of income

Except for little income from school fee of Kenyan shilling 200 per month, from less than half of our 130 students, our meager current sources of income depends on the effort of our different Oromo individuals, private organizations and communities in Diaspora.

Present Monthly Budget

A House rent US$ 117.00
B. Teachers incentive US $42.00
C. Stationary ,office supply equipment $82.00
D. E-mail and mailing, telephone US$1790
E. Transportation US $12.00
F. Others US$49.00
Sum total = US$ 2092

Present Discrepancies

The lack of permanent income has a tremendous impact in our day-to-day activity .For instance our plans and programs are often interrupted by the shortage of money. It is very difficult to manage and control volunteer workers for long period as some of them frequently abandon their duty or the school service because of minor disappointment.
There is also occasional police harassment even with presence of mandate letters from the UNHCR, which designates our legal status in Nairobi as urban refugees. However, the main obstacle /discrepancies for our activities is the lack of finance.


The purpose of the project is to enhance the foundation financial and man power capacity so that it can strongly accomplish the intended missions and aims.

The project is supposed to bring significant changes to the lives of our volunteer staff (which would be on paid salary) which in its turn will contribute to poverty eradication programs in Africa it also boosts the moral of our members and community at large by changing the life of its volunteer servants.

The project will serve Oromo and other community from Ethiopia ,some Somali
refugees and other destitute human being who are residing in the dirty slum of
Nairobi namely East Leigh second street. We also want to reach refugees comps
and extend our services in the future to the neighboring countries like Somalia,
Djibouti, Eritrea and Sudan where refugees and other human being are raged with
famine, war and disease.

The project is very crucial particularly for the refugees’ communities like Oromo
who are designated by the UNHCR as urban refugees but without any economic,
social and more assistance. We dare say it is only S. E. F, which is providing some moral and psychological encouragement to our community for the last two years, the services which would have been expected from the UNHCAR and other humanitarian organization the means strengthening S E F with your fund is nothing more than alleviating the lives of more than 10, 000 helpless refugees in the area.

One can perhaps not imagine that desperate refugees can establish a kind of
community based organization like S EF just from the scratch and provide schooling service for more than one thousand fellow refugees children adult and teens with of course volunteer workers serving their people for continuos years No one can also believe that S E F has also established itself like that without any permanent fund form any organization But we Saphalo community have proved that refugees can also be productive human being who can bring change for themselves and to their hosting nation we thing our who attempt is the best testimony for those who to support their community and remarkable for the finding agencies that S E F can accomplish more worthwhile achievements if it will be well supported our achievements scored so far would also be proof our strength successfully accomplish the project under discussion.

In short we have been teaching ore than 1000 refugee. Of which half of them were illiterates. We have also been giving counseling against HIV/AIDS, illicit alcohol, and drug abuse chewing Mirah/ Khat but to a lesser extent. Therefore, if we will successful in getting the project fund we are confident that we will undoubtedly duplicate our services.


Plan of Action

There are several areas that are very important to the growth of Saphalo Education Foundation. At present we are serving 80 students in basically two small classrooms .The programs that are in operation at present are schooling/ teaching / library services and computer training. We intend to expand and develop Saphalo Education Foundation to a broad-based Non-Governmental Organization (non-for –profit) but at the same time be able to become self-sufficient. The services that we would like to provide in the future are:
A/ English language teaching
B/ Computer training
C/ Internet browsing and e-mail services
D/ Telecommunication services
E/ Educational advising
F/ Communication, sales, marketing and business courses
G/ Counseling and HIV/AIDS services
Our community needs are also very challenging. We would like to offer the following community services.
A/ Medical /clinics for general medical services and pre natal services.
B/ Higher education opportunities for some university students through networking with other countries.
We also plan to expand our foundation in the following areas
A/ To develop Saphalo Education Foundation from CBO to NGO.
B/ To develop our community school from informal tutorial elementary school gradually to high school and beyond.
C/ We want to extend our service from Oromo /Ethiopian and Somali community to other African refugee communities.
D/ We have also a plan to reach refugees in camp and neighboring countries in Somalia, Djibouti, Sudan and Eritrea.

Sequences of Activities to Be Carried Out

The project Saphalo community welfare has been started by the community volunteers two years ago. Now we need to have fresh impetus to go a head.
Our first activities are to improve the functioning facilities. That is:

  1. We add three rooms for computer training ,medical services and internet browsing and telecommunication services

  2. Purchasing equipment’s for the schooling

  3. Paying salaries for our qualified teachers and administrators

  4. Purchasing additional computers and employ computer teachers

  5. Employing new teachers for teaching international communication and other business courses We simultaneously work on developing SEF to NGO and other necessary facilities and services will added.
    Client selection and procedure and policies will be based no the overall organizations

Objective and policies.

  1. Gender issues will be considered and women will be given the first
    priorities in all the fields mainly to encourage them in development activities.

  2. Many of our beneficiary clients are from the downtrodden or helpless
    parts of the community

  3. In other aspects skills and qualification can play a determinants role

Major milestones (progressive)
Major milestone for the project will undoubtedly depend on the money received.
With that, we anticipate a dramatic change will be seen in the quality of our
services and more importantly in the change of our staff and community members
in general

The project which was already started in February 2001 is functioning with very
scarce and unpromising resources. However, we hope it will be ended at the end of December 2003 if we get the funds we are applying for.

Justification for the project.
The project is extremely important for the community for the following reasons

  1. Almost all ( some 10. 000 ) community members are without education health facility and communication

  2. 95 per cent of the youngsters of the community are engaged in chewing mira /khat and many more recently spreading glass based smoking called
    Shisha, alcohol and sexual abuses.

  3. According to medical reports of IOM the HIV/ AIDS is highly spreading among our community especially after 1999

  4. Almost 90 per cent of pollution including those educated elite are not
    computer literate, to benefit form 21as century of information technologies

  5. As many of them are refugees, in most cases supposed to be resettled to
    the different world corners they ought to have at least rudimentary knowledge of world geography which they totally lack now.

  6. Majority of them came from countryside and need to know the philosophy of urban life, which we are trying to provide them in the basic education courses.
    Therefore the project is so crucial for the advantage of these people and with out it they undoubtedly remain to suffer more.

The specific outcomes expected from the project is not other than:

  1. Solving socio-economic problems of the community mentioned above

  2. Literacy and poverty eradication from the community

  3. Improving the life of our staff and community members

  4. Development of SEF in to full flagged NGO, which can provide better
    services for the international communities as well.

  5. quality education for our students

  6. substantial reduction in number of people involved in bad practices like HIV/AAIDS by the end of project duration.

  7. SEF will economically be self-sufficient by the end of the project period.

The project activities will be evaluated and results will be reported as follows:

  1. The evaluation framework will be the action plans we will set in advance. It will be carried out by the concerned body assigned to this purpose.

  2. The achievements will be reported to the funding body quarterly and annually or it it will be subjected to the interest of the funding bodies.

  3. The growth of our clients /beneficiaries and the expansion of our services.

  4. The monthly management committee meeting will be an instrument for regular evaluation of the project activities and its minuets will be used as one of the mechanisms of reporting the result.

  5. The organization is keen to accept and welcome all constructive ideas and suggestions of the funding organization.
    13. Once we are well established at our present center we have a plan to expand and reach different refugee communities in Nairobi, in the refugee camps out side Nairobi and in neighboring countries.



  1.  The Oromo community and other refugees have been in Nairobi at least for the last ten years with out any assistance for their basic needs. As a result the refugee community at present in Kenya is very unstable and many of them are helpless human beings .Due to this sad state of affair they give little attention to education and other progressive aspects of the social affairs. They are rather susceptible to bad cultural practices like smoking, chewing mira/khat’drinking illicit alcohol and other sexual abuses.

    Having been worried with this appalling situation, we were determined to establish a kind of self-help welfare association, we the refugees ourselves. Thus, the first operation for establishing Saphalo Education Foundation was started in august 2000 and established in December 2000, with mission of providing refugees with basic education, counseling and medical as well as relief services. As we thought education is a key to solve all problems and bringing about the development we embarked on opening school as our first project.

    Thus the Saphalo Community School project was started in February 2001 with the immediate programs of eradicating illiteracy from our community. By providing adult basic education; to equip our community with general idea of the vitality of education which we think they lack; to give the society overall awareness of HIV/AIDS epidemic which is ravaging the entire continent. In short it is a kind of launching a campaign for skill and literacy training for better livelihood.
    The proposed project, with its broader vision of contributing to the African attempt of eradicating illiteracy and poverty as well as combating the horrendous HIV/AIDS epidemics a part of the already started SEF activities and we hope it will make tremendous differences for our community in realizing its dreams if it will succeed in getting funds requested in this proposal.


  2. Names and backgrounds of that key to project including consultants are as follows:

    No Name Qualification Position Remark
    1 Bedri K. Mohamed 12+5 with work experience of 7 in project work Chairman
    2 Bishar Ibrahim Form four+4 years with experience if Secretary
    3 Jamal Mohamed Yonnes 12+5 with work experience of 6 years supervisor
    4 Marium Abdulaziz Uso 12+ 1 with experience of 20 years in teaching and 2years cashier treasurer
    5 Sultan Aman 12+1 with experience of Purchaser

    Consultants and cooperating agencies
     DECO International
    Their supportive or recommendation letters will be attached herein.

    1. The sole strength of Saphalo Education Foundation lies on the commitment of its dedicated staff and members. It is unthinkable for any organization to start from the scratch and found itself on the level of SEF’s achievement of today(see )
    2. We believe that is one of the evidences indicating our ability to effectively curry out the proposed project. We can also argue that our qualified and efficient workers and the properties we have already owned can enable us to successfully complete the project.


Detail budget for the project

For SEF Administration Staff

No Position Salary Remark
1 Managing director (founder) $500.00
2 Assistance manager $450.00
3 Secretary $400.00
4 Treasurer $400.00
5 Finance officer $450.00
6 Education officer $450.00
7 Public relation $450.00
8 Administration officer $400.00
9 General service $400.00
10 Health officer(a doctor) $450.00
11 accountant $300.00
total $4200.00 Total for two years US $111600.00

For SEF Teachers

The following budget breakdown is made for the currently operating informal refugee school. But that can be refined and more developed for the formal school which could teach all curriculum in Kenya.
No Teachers Salary per month in US $ dollar remark
1 Director of school $300.00
2 English teachers(2) $200.00
3 Afan Oromo teacher $200.00
4 Swahili $200.00
5 Social science $200.00
6 Natural science $200.00
7 Math $200.00
8 Librarians(2) $100.00
9 Cleaner $50.00
10 Guard $50.00
11 Creator $50.00
Total $2900 US $69,600.00 for two years

N.B. The number of teachers and workers can be added owing to the necessity arises.

For Purchasing Material

We have stated finished and permanent material. Finished goods are calculated for a year.

No Materials Quantity Price per room in US dollar Total
1 House rent 4 rooms $70.00 6720.00 for two years
2 Computers 12 $649.4 $7792.9
3 Printer 2 $649.4 $1298.8
4 Chairs 20 $19.5 $390.00
5 Desks 30 $13.00 $390.00
6 Book shelves 4 $29.00 $104.00
7 Cupboard 3 $39.00 $117.00
8 Office table 10 $65.00 $650.00
9 Text books 42 $2.6 $109.2
10 Black board 3 $19.5 $58.00
11 Stationary materials N/A N/A $389.6
12 For telephone and internet service $1000.00 Per year $2000.00 for two years
13 Transportation $1000.00per year $2000.00 for two years
14 For purchasing medicine some equipments $2500.00 $5000.00
Total $108,617.00
 Other necessary materials can be added accordingly

• Total requested money US $ 289,817.70
• Add contingency US $14,490.90

2 Amounts To Be Contributed By Applicants

2.1 / Amount to be contributed by the applicants is difficult to be clearly stated, as the organization does not have permanent income. However, from our previous two years experience we can contribute five percent of the money we requested.
2.2/ One can see the inconsistency of our income from detail of the funds received from other donors.
No Name on the organization or individuals Amountof donation received USA Time (date) Remark
1 Birraa Foundation $1104.00
2 Father Growls Welfare project Nabat Ibrahim $800.00 Material donation our public officer
3 DECO International Material donation
4 African Education Material donation
5 Australian (Melbourne) Oromo comm. $300.00
6 North American (Minneapolis) $500.00
7 Canadian (Toronto) $425.00
8 Nairobi Oromo Community Ksh.47933
9 Oromo National Academy (ONA) $300.00
10 Jamal Ibrahim Sadik Euro.50.00 US
11 Ganamo Badhaso US $65.00
12 Abdi Barru US $100.00

Currently we do not have pending donors

3 We hope if we succeed in getting this fund for the project SEF will stand on its foot and curry out the projects within com it will generate from little school fees, computer training fees and internet browsing with occasional fund raising from our community here and in aboard.


The absence of any type of assistance to our refugee community by the concerned organization and the impending socio-economic crisis has initiated us to establish our Foundation. However, commitment and determination alone can not make any difference. All the shortcomings and irregularity of our activities and expenditure are generated from the absence of permanent income for the Foundation


To benefit the aforementioned community:
1. Permanent sources of income is very vital both for the orgnization and the community it is establish for
2. With that qualified and professional should be put in position






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