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The main objective of setting up Saphalo Education foundation is to give the Oromo refugee community and other destitute human beings a chance to learn, teach them their culture, history language to enable to store them to the best level. The foundation intends to offer to the young generation an opportunity of getting higher education standard possible and open up the chance to work and the capacity to create new things.The initial plan to create Saphalo Education Foundation was master minded by Mr. Bedri Kabir Mohameed in conjunction and support of some refugee intellectuals also from Oromia. The planning of SEF started in August 2000 and completed on December 2000. Up on completion of the whole plan and draft constitution, the foundation was established and started its first project of teaching the oromo refugees in February 2001. Presently SEF has strong and effective management committee of nine people which handles the entire administration activities and 15 staff members of teachers librarians etc.

Saphalo students in Oromo Cultural Dresses

Despite the fact that the main focus of the foundation is teaching and related issues concerning the oromo community, in the near future the Foundation is planning to spread its services to other refugee community in education consultation, HIV awareness and medical facilities etc. to other refugees from other countries in conjunction with other organizations.

Saphalo education foundation is on the record of assisting Oromo refugees presently living in second, country, Kenya mainly in Nairobi. Pertinent to our objective we were able to teach more than one thousand Oromo refugees of all ages and sex. The foundation since its inception has brought together Oromo people from different regions who had been residing, in most case, in different parts of the city according to their location back in Oromia. We are also proud of teaching oromo refugees, as brothers, from Rayya to Nairobi, from Assosaa to Jijjigaa under one room which make us the first in Oromo history to do so.
The foundation has been providing assistance to our helpless students in terms of books, pens, exercise books and other moral and material assistance’s. Free computer typing services to university students and teachers always at their convenience time as frequently as they always wished. The Foundation reached a stage whereby the capable oromo in Diaspora stretched their helping hands to their desperately destitute and helpless refugee brothers on alien land. In doing this we believe, Birra Foundation( a principal contributor), our alumni Nabat



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